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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media are two forms of marketing for your website but it does not stop there.  Creating quality back links to your website and having a SPAM compliant email marketing system are a must.


Quality back links are links from other websites to your site that contain informative and relevant content associated with your products or services.  Examples of such back links are links from your local Chamber of Commerce and local media websites.  Local media websites are sites such as your local newspaper site or city guide websites such as The Southport Times.  The Southport Times is one of our city guides for the Southport, Oak Island and Bald Head Island areas.  It currently receives over 350,000 visitors  a year that view over 1,000,000 pages.  The Southport Times currently has over 2500 pages and it is the most visited site for our area.

The Southport Times


Federal regulations require that you must adhere to the law regarding e-mail marketing.    The Federal Trade Commission governs the CAN-SPAM Act.  For detail information on this subject click here.

There are many email marketing systems in place today.  Some of the best are:

Internet Marketing - MailchimpWe will not discuss each in detail but we will summarize their functionality. Each of these packages work in very similar ways.  You create mailing lists such as Prospects. Leads and Customers.  Then you create the marketing email your want specifically created for a particular mailing list. In MailChimp, you can send up to 12,000 email messages a month to up to 2000 recipients for free.  Each email can be personalized with the contact information (name, company name, etc.).  Each email must, by law, have the ability for a recipient to opt out from receiving emails from you forever.  If they op-out, their email address is recorded in the do not send file in each of the email marketing packages above.  When the system sends out an email campaign, it first checks the do not send file and removes any emails from the campaign.  You can create forms in each of these packages to place in your website where visitors can fill out to join a specific mailing list.  To see an example of such a form, look to your right and also visit our Facebook Page.  Notice the Email Sign Up tab on the Facebook header.


Cape Fear Technologies has many years of experience in creating successful email marketing campaigns for many businesses and we can help you to.  Please contact us for more information.

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